APN 076 040 – Laurens County GA

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Property Details

  • Time to Build
  • State
  • County
  • City
  • GPS
    LATITUDE 32.48758016 LONGITUDE -82.99686668
  • Curent Zoning
    Class R4-Residential - Mobile homes are ok along with stick buit homes. I spoke to severak very nice people at the County office. They said "The County doesn't care what you do with the property.” As long as the properties are not in any HOA or similar.
  • General Elevation
    202.3 ft elevation (per USGS)
  • Taxes
    $73 per year (currentlypaid up to date)
  • Conveyance
    no recordS
  • Sewer
    Requires septic or alternative. (no city sewer)
  • Parcel Size (in acres)
    3.96 ACRES
  • Zip
  • Title Info
    WIGGINS FAMILY LLLP (Confirmed with TitlePro)
  • Access
    Yes, Lauren Woods Rd.
  • Terrain
  • HOA Fees
  • Power
    Electric - Checked with the local electric company named "Little Ocmulgee EMC" for electricity, and a spoke to a member of their team who was well experienced and very knowledgeable.  YES, they serve the and the street the vacant land is on. There's already power going to the neighbors homes. But there is no power running onto the actual property.
  • Water
    Requires a well. (no city water)
  • Phone
    Cable & internet accessible (please see main Campaign Photo for a visual reference).

Transaction Details

Total Transaction Purchase Price (including closing costs): $TDB
Anticipated Sale Price: $22,370
Anticipated Transaction Completion Time (cash in to cash out for equity partner): TBD
Escrow or Notary Acquisition? Notary Acquisition
Escrow or Notary Sale? Notary Sale
Percent of Funding from Partner Required: 100%
Equity Partner Profit Split: 50%
Anticipated Budget: $I'll need a bit of help with this answer, I'm rather new.

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