Leading By Experience

LandTank is the latest resource developed for Land Academy Members.

Like Steven and Jill always say – good acquisitions shouldn’t go to waste. With exactly that purpose in mind, LandTank was created.

It is a tool specifically used to present and accept available opportunities, connect with other Land Academy members, and form partnerships on the projects that work best for you.

This tool is a GAME CHANGER. Free for a limited time and built with a user-friendly interface – you can be ready to start posting within minutes.

Steven Jack Butala and Jill DeWit Real Estate Investors

Get Your Deal Partnered

Start by clicking “Post Your Land” and you will be redirected to fill out the form for your submission.


*NOTE: You must be logged in to post land.

Fill out the form as completely as possible. Make sure you include a descriptive project title and a good photo.


*NOTE: your contact information, property APN, address and legal description will only be viewable by logged in members, not the general public.

If you do not have all the required information available, that’s okay! You can save your form and complete your submission later.

When you are ready to submit, click on “Publish” to post your property and make it live.

Nice! You will receive a notification as soon as your submission is successfully partnered. Now it’s time to wait for the funding to come to you! Any interested members have the option of messaging you with any questions before funding the deal, so get ready!

Congratulations! Your deal has been partnered! Once your deal has been partnered, please leave it on the site so we can all see what you’ve accomplished!

Invest in a Deal

To partner a deal or reserve a posting, click "View All Postings" at the top of your screen.

*TIP: You can also choose to sort by "Available Postings" or "Successfully Partnered" if you want to check out some past deals.

To view the details of a specific posting, click on the title of the listing.

You can reserve a project by clicking “Reserve This Project”.

*TIP: Please make sure you are logged in for this step.

At this point, you are also presented with the listing submitter’s contact information, just in case you have any questions before you reserve the deal. Feel free to reach out to them!

The final steps when you're ready to partner the deal are to enter your name and email address, add any other information that you would like in the available comment box, agree to the terms and conditions, and click submit.

CONGRATULATIONS! You and the person who posted the listing are provided each other’s contact information to begin the partnership!