7.51 AC in Cooper County, MO

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Property Details

  • Time to Build
  • State
  • County
  • City
  • GPS
    38.956367, -92.758024
  • Curent Zoning
    Rural/Agricultural - Vacant Land. The property is not part of the City of Boonville (apparently a County Island) -- see https://boonvillemo.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/City-Limit-map-36x60-1.pdf & https://boonvillemo.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/BoonvilleMaster-ZoneMap36x60-1.pdf. Cooper County Assessor - https://coopergis.integritygis.com/H5/Index.html?viewer=cooper No zoning was found in overlay, City of Boonville, or Cooper County.
  • General Elevation
    700 Feet (ft). Primarily a valley.
  • Taxes
    $Property Taxes Appear to Be Current. Tax Year 2021. 8.21.
  • Conveyance
    Via Deed (assumed)
  • Sewer
    Utilities and Easements TBD. Owner of this parcel also owns the parcel to the west, which adjoins the public right-of-way. They recorded a survey showing an easement between the right-of-way and the subject property, and agreed that they will grant access to this property and agree to allow the easement to include utilities as well. The contract contains language addressing this.
  • Parcel Size (in acres)
  • Zip
  • Title Info
    Deed (assumed)
  • Access
    Access to Property TBD. There are no roads leading directly to the property at this time. However, the same owner (Furnell Investments) also owns the lot directly to the west (APN: 10-2.0-03-004-001-001.000 - Boonville 65233 MO), which itself has frontage on W. Ashley Rd. W. Ashley Rd is paved. They guarantee full access via R/W or easement. A land survey shows the easement. The contract contains language addressing this.
  • Terrain
    Terrain: Mostly Sloped / Hillside / Valley. Also see comment for "General Elevation" above.
  • HOA Fees
  • Power
    See comments for "Utilities - Sewer" above.
  • Water
    See comments for "Utilities - Sewer" above.
  • Phone
    See comments for "Utilities - Sewer" above.

Transaction Details

Total Transaction Purchase Price (including closing costs): $ 25,158.50 + 1,000 estimated title & escrow = 26,158.50
Anticipated Sale Price: $ 52,200.00 less 6% commissions to local broker(s)
Anticipated Transaction Completion Time (cash in to cash out for equity partner): 60 to 90 days
Escrow or Notary Acquisition? Escrow
Escrow or Notary Sale? Escrow
Percent of Funding from Partner Required: 100%
Equity Partner Profit Split: 50/50 after commissions to local broker(s)%
Anticipated Budget: $ 52,200.00 - (6% * 52,200.00)] - [ 25,158.50 + 1,000] = 49,068 - 26,158.50 = 22,909.50. WIth 50/50 split, approx 11,450 each for investor & manager.

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