7.5 AC in Carroll County, AR

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Property Details

  • Time to Build
  • State
  • County
  • City
  • GPS
    36.148637, -93.549854
  • Curent Zoning
    Rural/Agricultural - Vacant Land. City/Municipality/Township: TBD / Unknown. : TBD / Unknown.
  • General Elevation
    1,500 Feet (ft). Local broker says: "Highest point SW corner. gentle rise from the highway, only 40' change in elevation."
  • Taxes
    $Property Taxes Appear to Be Current. Tax Year: 2021. Tax Amount: 10.27.
  • Conveyance
    Via Deed (assumed)
  • Sewer
    Utilities and Easements TBD. From Owner Greg Head: "electric is close by to hookup to there will have to be a septic tank installed for the sewer and a well drilled for water I am on a well and is very good water." Local Broker says :"appears to be a waterline RoW on same side of highway; powerline RoW & county line western boundary."
  • Parcel Size (in acres)
  • Zip
  • Title Info
    Deed (assumed)
  • Access
    Access to Property. Access via AR 21. From Owner Greg Head: "The property joins 21 highway very easy access there is a driveway going on to the property." Local Broker says "Highway 21 is eastern boundary, County Rd 1516 northern boundary, powerline RoW & county line western boundary, seller owns to the south."
  • Terrain
    Mostly Sloped / Hillside / Valley. Also see comment for "General Elevation" above.
  • HOA Fees
  • Power
    See comments for "Utilities - Sewer" above.
  • Water
    See comments for "Utilities - Sewer" above.
  • Phone
    See comments for "Utilities - Sewer" above.

Transaction Details

Total Transaction Purchase Price (including closing costs): $ 21,568.74 + 1,000 estimated title & escrow = 22,568.74
Anticipated Sale Price: $ 43,125.00 less 6% commissions to local broker(s)
Anticipated Transaction Completion Time (cash in to cash out for equity partner): 60 to 90 days
Escrow or Notary Acquisition? Escrow
Escrow or Notary Sale? Escrow
Percent of Funding from Partner Required: 100%
Equity Partner Profit Split: 50/50 after commissions to local broker(s)%
Anticipated Budget: $ [ 43,125.00 - (6% * 43,125.00)] - [ 21,568.74 + 1,000] = 17,968.76. WIth 50/50 split, approx 8,984.38 each for investor & manager.

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