40 acres in the mountains in Lassen county

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Property Details

  • Time to Build
  • State
  • County
    Lassen County
  • City
  • GPS
    40.9382449994181, -120.46165621581909
  • Curent Zoning
    U-C-2 UPLAND CONSERVATION/RESOURCE MANAGEMENT DISTRICT (1) One single-family dwelling, farm buildings and accessory buildings and uses; (2) A second single-family dwelling; provided that the dwelling is to be used in conjunction with an operating agricultural unit and is located on a parcel which meets the minimum parcel size criteria; (3) General agriculture, crop and tree farming, logging, grazing, animal husbandry, general nurseries and greenhouses; (4) Private airstrips accessory to an agricultural operation; (5) Hunting clubs or lodges, ski areas and facilities including ski lifts (but only in areas designated as mountain resort in the County General Plan); (6) Hydroelectric powerplants; (7) Small-scale commercial firewood processing (less than one hundred cords produced on an annual basis); (8) Temporary stands for the sale of agricultural products produced on the premises; (9) Other uses which are similar in nature to those enumerated herein and are determined by the community development director to be consistent with the stated intent of the U-C-2 district; (10) Kennels. (Amended by the vote of the people 11-7-00; Ord. 467-V § 16, 1998; Ord. 467-D, 1987).
  • General Elevation
  • Taxes
  • Conveyance
  • Sewer
  • Parcel Size (in acres)
  • Zip
  • Title Info
  • Access
    No Legal
  • Terrain
    Hilltop /Slope
  • HOA Fees
  • Power
    Need solar
  • Water
    Need Well
  • Phone

Transaction Details

Total Transaction Purchase Price (including closing costs): $5,300
Anticipated Sale Price: $12,500
Anticipated Transaction Completion Time (cash in to cash out for equity partner): 120 days
Escrow or Notary Acquisition? Escrow
Escrow or Notary Sale? Escrow
Percent of Funding from Partner Required: 100%
Equity Partner Profit Split: 50/50%
Anticipated Budget: $12,500-5200=7300/2 =3650 per partner , minus agent commission and sale escrow costs
Miscellaneous Option 1: May do multi parcel deal if interested, Have contract for another 40 acre parcel from the same seller(one escrow), in addition to other 40 acre lots

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