0.32 Acre Unrestricted Lot 1/2 Mile From Lake Somerville In Burleson County TX – Buy For 23K, Sell for 45K

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Property Details

  • Time to Build
  • State
  • County
  • City
  • GPS
    30.352659, -96.577299
  • Curent Zoning
    Residential - unrestricted, mobile home and RV allowed
  • General Elevation
    272 feet
  • Taxes
    $287 per year
  • Conveyance
    Warranty Deed
  • Sewer
    Provided by Undine Texas LLC
  • Parcel Size (in acres)
    0.32 acres
  • Zip
  • Title Info
    Ramirez, Andres LTC
  • Access
    Via Apache Drive
  • Terrain
    Flat, grassy, with some trees
  • HOA Fees
  • Power
    Provided by Bluebonnet Electric Cooperative
  • Water
    Provided by Undine Texas LLC
  • Phone

Transaction Details

Total Transaction Purchase Price (including closing costs): $22,734
Anticipated Sale Price: $45,000
Anticipated Transaction Completion Time (cash in to cash out for equity partner): 90 - 120 days
Escrow or Notary Acquisition? Escrow
Escrow or Notary Sale? Escrow
Percent of Funding from Partner Required: 100%
Equity Partner Profit Split: 50/50%
Anticipated Budget: $45,000 (sale price) - 20,734 (property cost) - 4,000 (closing cost x2) - 2,700 (6% agent fee) = 17,566 profit. Funding partner receives 8,783
Miscellaneous Option 1: The property will be listed with an agent in the area that we have previously worked with. The opinion of the agent is that this property be listed for $50,000.

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